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When it comes to your time at college, you need to make sure that you get an education that will be highly valued after you graduate. Here is a look at the top ten Universities in America that will greatly increase your potential of getting a job after school, while also getting the chance to do some pretty amazing things during your time as a student.

1. Harvard


Students come from all around the world to attend Harvard. Located in Boston, Harvard is one of the most well known and prestigious universities in the world. And in order to get into Harvard, you are going to need a great education background that proves you can handle it. Only the best high school students with potential are granted access to Harvard, assuring that they keep the prestige behind the universities name valued. Harvard is known for its law and political science graduates. Only six-percent of students who apply get into Harvard, and graduation success rate floats around 86%. In 2014, the average tuition at Harvard was around $42,000.

2. Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology

Also located in Boston, MIT is a private school that has helped mold some of the most brilliant technological minds in the world. 8.9% of the students that apply to MIT are granted acceptance and they boast an outstanding 97% graduation rate. 2014 tuition at MIT was at $43,000, and there is a current enrollment of just over 4,500 students. MIT is also within close proximity of Harvard, enabling two of the most influential schools in the world to work together on a variety of projects and student ventures.

3. Duke


Going to Duke University is about more than amazing basketball games at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Instead, over 6,500 students are attending Duke in hopes of moving on to medical, law and other prestigious professions. Duke ranks as a top-ten university in the nation, for the value and repetition that you get with a degree from the university. Duke is a private school that has a yearly tuition of $45,000 per year. During your time at Duke, you’ll experience an education that will be valued immediately after graduation, as well as extracurricular opportunities that are unlike many others in the nation. After all, it might take lining up 24-hours in advance, but attending a Duke vs. North Carolina basketball game is one of the greatest sporting events you’ll ever see.

4. Stanford


If you don’t want to live on the east coast and would rather take in the sunshine that California has to offer, Stanford is a great option. The graduation rate of Stanford is above 90% for undergraduate students and 80% for graduate program students. Just over 6% of the students who apply to Stanford get accepted. Tuition is comparable to the other schools thus far on this list, coming in at just over $43,000 per year.

5. Princeton


In 2013, Princeton ranked as the number-one institution in the nation. Current enrollment consists of 5,300 brilliant minds that are working on international affairs, engineering, applied sciences and other fields of study. Princeton graduates 98% of their undergraduate students and 87% of graduate students. The tuition in 2013 was just above $40,000 and the acceptance rate is at 7.8%. With a campus size that sprawls over 600 acres, Princeton students are sure to enjoy their time while attending school

6. University Of Florida

University Of Florida

The University of Florida consistently ranks among the top public schools in the entire nation, as well as a school that offers a great value for your education. Located in Gainesville, Florida, UF has over 32,000 enrolled students, of which 45% are male and 55% are female. Because it is a public school, tuition at UF for in state students is $6,260, while out of state students are looking more at $28,540. The University of Florida should not be overlooked by any students who want to get an outstanding education.

7. Columbia University

Columbia University

Located in New York City on 38 acres of land, Columbia University ranks in the top six schools in the nation. The school has a 53%-47% male-to-female ration and 6,068 students in total. Tuition at Columbia comes in at just under $50,000 per year, but a degree from the school is sure to afford you the opportunities to pay off those loans. Many of graduates of Columbia go on to careers in law, the medical industry or international and public affairs. 90% of students at Columbia live on campus, making it a great place to study and to live.

8. Yale


Yale University graduates an astounding 99% of its undergraduate students. With a combined completion rate of 97% between undergrad and graduate students, that number is good enough for second best in the entire nation. Yale sits on 348 acres in Connecticut, in a traditional suburban school setting. Tuition currently sits at $44,000 per year. The school has 5,405 students, of which is an even 50-50 split for men and women. Of the students that apply to Yale, only 7% are accepted on a yearly basis.

9. Brown


Brown University is a private university located in Providence, Rhode Island. Home to 6,435 students, Brown offers a wonderful campus and atmosphere, with an education to go with it. Only 9% of students that apply to Brown are accepted, and current enrollment is at 6,435 that consists of 47% men and 53% women. Tuition at Brown runs at around $45,000 per year for each student. Brown offers plenty of school activities, including athletics, clubs and much more.

10. Pomona College

Pomona College

Pomona College is located in Claremont, California, and it ranks as one of the top Liberal Arts schools in the entire nation. And with such strict standards, it makes sense that the school currently only has an enrollment of 1,600 students. Each year will cost $43,500 to attend Pomona. 13% of the students who apply to Pomona are accepted, and the student body is made up of 48% males and 52% females. For those that are looking for an excellent college experience Pomona college is a great option. It also doesn’t hurt that it is in the beautiful city of Claremont, which affords students beautiful California sunshine. Pomona’s graduation rate for undergraduate students is 91%.

photo by: BdwayDiva1