Top 10 Most Influential Student Bloggers

When it comes to one’s influence, it is not always a matter of popularity. Influence is shown as having a marked impact on the lives of others. For student bloggers, the subject matter on which they write is what draws readers in. The ability to relate to and be inspired by them is the most significant aspect of a true blogger.

Student Blogger

1. Speechy Musings

Speechy Musings

Graduate student Shannon Lisowe uses her blog Speechy Musings to assist speech and language students. She shares the latest news regarding speech pathology and provides learning materials for fellow students to use with the children they assist. Like many graduate bloggers, she provides useful tips about continuing education and the application process, and gives reviews of educational apps she’s used. If that’s not enough, she also hosts giveaways and offers free learning materials for students to use with their clients.

2. Two Guys and Some iPads

Two Guys and Some iPads

Brad Waid and Drew Minock are educational technology bloggers who write about everything from innovative apps to the use of augmented reality in education. They are frequently featured as keynote speakers in educational conferences along with offering their own workshops. Their presentations revolve around using the popular tablets to enhance teacher productivity and student engagement. Their new blog received multiple accolades in 2013 including nominations for Best New Blog, Best Ed Tech, Best Group Blog and Best Podcast.

3. Avogadro Salad

Avogadro Salad

As a finalist for Best Student Blog, Sarah Almeda’s science-themed blog focuses on applications in chemistry and physics. Seeing as how she’s still in elementary school, she also uses it to gush about green perfumes, share science jokes between her and her friends and swoon after “chemistry geek” jewelry such as Bohr model atom earrings. Though she’s still an adolescent, Sarah has a wisdom often lacking in those many years her senior. She maturely analyzes new developments in chemistry and physics better than most adults would.

4. autisticandproud


With the help of his mother and father, 13-year-old Fionn Hamill shares his experiences as a child with Asperger syndrome. His blog was the 2013 Best Student Blog winner. Fionn uses the blog as a means of acting as an ambassador for those with the same or similar conditions. He uses his experience as a way to dispel common notions about those with Asperger syndrome, talk about his own obstacles and achievements as well as sharing personal family struggles.

5. spellingitoutblog


Spellingitoutblog is written by an Irish student as he completes his Post-Graduate Diploma in Education.
He describes the challenges of transitioning from the working life to attending university full time. He uses the blog to update about his own experience and share resources with other post-graduate education students. His training to become a teacher is the central focus of the blog, given with insight, humor and practical information.

6. Eilis’ TY Blog

Student Eilis

Student Eilis details experiences in the life of a 16-year-old student during a transition year at St. Wolstan’s Community School in County Kildare, Ireland. St. Wolstan’s is the only all-female community school in the nation. The transition year was created as a means to create a six-year cycle of secondary education. During the year students focus on life skills such as cooking, driving, first aid and sports activities. As the writer for six different blogs, her audience grows quite rapidly in comparison to many. The students collectively create a radio program to discuss life in the school and the tasks that come with the transition year. Their podcasts (Radio TY) are available on iTunes.

7. Jaden’s Awesome Blog

Awesome Blog

Like Josie’s Blog below, Jaden’s Awesome Blog is written by primary school student Jaden from Los Angeles.
In addition to all things related to school, he blogs about sports, movies, martial arts, and of course, he blogs about blogging. Jaden’s Awesome Blog was the winner of Edublog’s Best Blog Award in 2011 and 2012.

8. Josie’s Blog


Student blogger Josie is featured as one of many 3rd and 4th grade bloggers from “Mrs. Murphy’s” class at Point Lonsdale Primary School in Point Lonsdale, Victoria, Australia. The group of students share blogging responsibilities while learning together. Josie states that her blogging goal is receiving advice from other bloggers. Josie also hopes to receive advice from accomplished authors as she wishes to become one when she is older, and her website has already been seen by Australian author Jacqueline Harvey. She has been featured as a finalist in both the 2012 and 2013 Edublog Awards.

9. Hanna B. gradstudentSLP


Like Katie Milligan, blogger gradstudentSLP, real name Hanna Bogen, details the journey of a student in the language therapy field. Living in Seattle as a student at the University of Washington, she posts her personal beliefs on trends in the area of linguistics and speech in addition to those of her colleagues and associates. She encourages readers to add feedback and share suggestions about speech pathology, and her website was included in the Best 100 Sites for Speech Pathologists. She also came in as a 2012 Edublog finalist for Best Student Blog.

10. SLP_Echo

Katie Millican

Student blogger SLP_Echo (Katie Millican) documents her journey toward becoming a speech language pathologist as well as providing information for others pursuing careers in the field. She provides tips for those applying to graduate school as well as reviews for apps that can be used in speech therapy. Katie outlines the steps necessary to earn a speech language pathology fellowship in addition to detailing her own experiences during her fellowship in Alaska.

photo by: John Loo